Adetiba ‘Super-Director’, born Victor Adetiba, CEO and founder of Adetiba Productions is on a quest for the victories his given name entitle him.  With a passion for directing and cinematography and ingenious ways of bringing his visions to life, he is one of the few to be reckoned with in the industry.  The eldest son of two Nigerian parents, he learned very early how to adapt to change quickly.   His father’s pursuit of higher education forced the family to relocate to the U. S. before Victor’s second birthday.  Adetiba would later be accepted into Duncanville high school’s two-year Media Technology program, which at the time was the number one high school video production course in the nation, even surpassing many college programs.   He excelled early, going on to win several awards, it became clear that he had a gift.  His driven nature pushes him to succeed in any endeavor he embarks on.  Seven years of successful business has helped him become a man of integrity, intelligence, and excellence!


– Adetiba ‘Super-Director’ –

It is and has always been my goal to secure clients and jobs that will allow the company an opportunity to showcase its skill and diversity in a rapidly growing field, as well as continue growing the company brand, explore the surge of new formats (HD, RED) onto the scene.  But my foremost objective is to have the opportunity to work on creative projects, while making history in the process.
Since it’s inception on March 8, 2003 Adetiba Productions has maintained its standing as a pillar and one of the premier independent production houses in the Dallas Fort Worth area by producing high quality television and web commercials, documentaries, EPKs, DVD projects, and music videos.  Mr. Adetiba has always incorporated his acute sense of creativity into every project his company has its hand in.
Street Pop Media Group/Records 2004-2008
-Video Director/Marketing Director Dallas, TX
  • Responsible for creating video content for web and television distribution
  • Directing music videos for artists on the label
  • Producing and Directing video segments for artists Press Kits
  • Creating and maintaining video content on Youtube, Google Video, and Myspace channels
  • Directing live multi-camera events (concerts, sporting events, corporate functions)
New Era One Stop 2006-2007
-Director of Production Dallas, TX
  • Responsible for writing, producing, all video projects
  • Producer, Writer, D.P., Director, and Editor of regionally distributed retail DVD (Under Ground Railroad) selling over 100,000 units
  • Writer, D.P., Director, and Editor of television commercials for clients
Lane Consulting 2000-2005
-Director of Production Dallas, TX
  • Responsible for writing, and directing all web and television media
  • Producing and Directing music videos and television commercials for artists/labels represented by the company
  • Creating and maintaining online video content (Youtube, Google Video, and Myspace)
Urban American Television Network (UATV) 2003-2004
-Producer/Director/Master Ctrl Operator Fort Worth, TX
  • Responsible for producing content for broadcast, monitoring programming and advertising
  • Produced and directed ‘Into the Wilderness’, a weekly program
  • Monitoring control room, running video switcher and advertising

*More available upon request

  • Universal/Motown Records
  • Def Jam
  • T Town Music
  • gRock Records

*More available upon request


Adetiba ‘Super-Director’ DP  DIRECTOR  FILMMAKER

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