Discovery At Rowlett Creek Sparkle Video

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Here is a funny spoof video I did for an apartment complex in McKinney TX. It was for a contest they were having within all the apartment complexes in the company’s portfolio.

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Only Coin

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Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of technology, gadgets, or any new innovation to the market.  I like things that make me sit back and say “Yes! Why hasn’t anybody ever thought of that? I have ALWAYS needed one of those.  Exciting technology gives me chills and motivates me to think of what could be.  With each new amazing technological iteration we get closer and closer to the world Doc and Marty McFly traveled to long ago in that 89 Dolorean.


Prior to this my excitement stemmed from Square, the credit card reader company co-founded by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.  The original inspiration for Square occurred to Jack Dorsey in 2009 when James McKelvey (a St. Louis friend of Dorsey at the time) was unable to complete a $2,000 sale of his glass faucets and fittings because he could not accept credit cards.

Before that I discovered the Lunatik watch designed by Scott Wilson over at Miniml Design. Well today’s discovery was also stumbled on by accident, while watching a YouTube video with a colleague I spotted a video thumbnail that said “One Card for them all” with an image of a black credit card.  I try not to get baited in by the videos YouTube suggests that one may find interesting because that would be a trip down an endless rabbit hole.  But nonetheless my curiosity got the best of me this time.


Upon clicking on the video this is what I watched.   So this is an awesome card, a SEXY looking card might I add, that you can load your debit and credit card’s information onto enabling you to leave home with only one card!  From what I read you can add up to 99 cards to this device.  It has a digital touchscreen that will allow you to select the card you want to make the purchase with.  It operates via a bluetooth connection with your smart phone.  If you leave your card somewhere or it goes outside the range of your phone it will send you a notification that you are leaving your card behind. I know there are many security nuts out there that think you may be placing yourself at risk or that there are too many things that could go wrong with this type of technology.  A few of the concern’s I’ve heard are as follows:

  • Lose your card and somebody has access to ALL your credit/debit cards
  • Phishing concerns that somebody could steal your unencrypted financial information

I’m sure these and many others are concerns they considered long ago in the conceptualization phase.  These same concerns that the Square I posted above was faced with when it was founded in 2009, today Square Inc. is valued at  $3.25B last year and is on track to process over $15B, (according to up from $10B in 2012.  One  security feature that have currently been built into the card is that it’s linked to your smart phone.  If it is out of range (10ft maybe) then the link is broken and the card can not be used.  It will also send an alert to your phone letting you know that you are leaving your card behind.  You can also deactivate/wipe your information on the card from your phone.

I’ve already pre-ordered mine, and below is a link that will take you to the site, to view their frequently asked questions, find out more about the founders, and place your order.



Now if I could just get the tech gods over at Mattel to hurry up with my Hover Board!

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Protected: Waving Flag DVD Draft IIII

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My First Business Book

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As I’ve announced on this site before I have a business consulting company called Business Consigliere where I give business advice, through an online video blog.  Well I recently signed a publishing deal to have some of my business writings published.

If you’re a business owner, ever aspire to be an entrepreneur, or you would just like to support me, you can read more about the book below, as well as where to go to purchase copies for yourself and any one you know that could benefit from this information.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Business 

You’re starting on one of the most important journeys in your life, well barring child birth and marriage, starting a business is still high up there. Deciding to start a business may seem to be a difficult decision to make, but making the decision is probably going to be the easiest part of the business. Nonetheless you’ve made the leap, or seriously considering, it which is why you’re reading this book.

The following pages talk about some things I learned on my road to becoming a Serial Entrepreneur. I’ve started 7 businesses and have worked with countless others to start and grow their businesses. Consider this a beginners guide to business or a prerequisite. If you’ve ever worked on a start-up you may already know much of this Continue reading ‘My First Business Book’


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A month or so ago, I wrote a post called “How Do I Get In The Music Industry.” In this post, I talked about some of the craziest things that I did while pursuing a career in this business of music and how I would go to Interscope Records everyday with a “Will Rap 4 Food Sign.”

Just to show you this is not a game, here is a video from the K-Diamondz archives. The video was a pilot me and the homies shot for a MTV reality show that never got picked up, but I def think we were on to something.

The video stars me and my college room mate Armani Valentino and it was edited by a good friend of mines Victor “Super Director” Adetiba.

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Why You Must See Red Tails

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The movie Red Tails hits theaters January 20th, and I think all film lovers or lovers of history should make every effort to support this film on opening weekend.  It is very seldom in Hollywood that African Americans are given a serious opportunity to tell their stories on a scale as large as this one, and Red Tales was no exception.  If it were left up to the powers that be in Tinsel Town this film would have never made it to theaters or likely been produced on this scale.

Time 100 2006 gala, George Lucas.

George Lucas

For those who don’t know George Lucas is arguably the most successful film directors in the world rivaled arguably by perhaps Steven Spielberg and a VERY short list.  Mr. Lucas net worth is estimated at around $3.2 billion, Forbe’s magazine reports him as the #107 richest person in the US in 2011. Continue reading ‘Why You Must See Red Tails’

Green White Radio

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Last week I had the opportunity to host the broadcast of the first episode of an online radio show called Green White Radio. Green White Radio broadcasts the latest music, sports, and entertainment news from Nigeria/West Africa. Click below to listen to the show, live every Friday from 5pm-7pm. Call in your requests & shout outs to 214-717-4678 or tweet us @GreenWhiteRadio.

To request text alerts when we’re on air, text ‘Green White Radio’ to 469.682.3334


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