Bevel Shaving System


A few months ago while watching MSNBC I ran across an interview of Tristan Walker, CEO & founder Walker & Company, specializing in creating shaving products for men with “coarse curly hair”. After a few minutes of watching the interview and seeing shots of the razor and its accompanying grooming items I was intrigued. I also learned that Mr. Walker played an integral part in the early success of tech startup Foursquare, so this is not his first time at the Entrepreneur’s Ball!

I’ve always been one who was intrigued by innovation and creativity, but it was particularly refreshing to see an African-American promoting and selling a product like this. The hair & beauty industry is not a space African-Americans are normally active in, on an ownership level, and when they are it isn’t in this capacity.

After deciding to support the product I sent an email blast to my circle of influence, and shortly there after placed my order. What follows is my unboxing the product as well as my initial thoughts.  If you would like to place an order for your own Bevel Shaving Kit click here and follow the link…Get Bevel!


Mr. Walker’s MSNBC Interview

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~ by ADETIBA on May 28, 2014.

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