The Ladies Roundtable

Over a year ago I was invited to participate in an interesting event put together by one of the business people around me that I really admire, Jennifer Onwumere.  After spending so much time putting together events, and helping brand many companies she finally decided it was time to do something all her own.  She expressed a lack of events catered towards women, and wanted to do something for this underrepresented group.  What she came up with was an event called The Ladies Roundtable.

The Ladies Roundtable is a two-day fun-filled experience created to educate, empower and inspire today’s modern women.  The goal of this event is to provide resources that women need to be successful in today’s world, as well as to share information on the latest lifestyle fashion and trends along with expert discussion on relationship , career and life issues.  The Ladies Roundtable is a fun-filled networking event that will encourage every women to reach higher and strive harder to attain her goals and destiny.

I was invited to speak on The Men’s Panel- “A Modern Discussion on Life, Love & Relationships”.  I’ve been asked why the invitation was extended to me, I’m no ‘relationship expert’, someone who is happily married, nor have I been in a long-term monogamous relationship.  But what I can say is I study people, men, women, and relationships.  I can take a step back from situations, mine included and look at them from an objective perspective….  Not to mention at a women’s convention I can offer the a MALE perspective.

This is the last week you can register so visit:

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~ by ADETIBA on August 24, 2011.

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