Business Consigliere

On January 1, 2011 I started a new company called Business Consigliere.  Business Consigliere is to dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs techniques for starting and effectively running their own business.  I’ve created several instructional videos on the site.


  • How to start a business and become an entrepreneur
  • Techniques and concepts I have learned over my 8 years in business
  • That the obstacles you are facing as an entrepreneur plague all  business owners
  • Techniques on expanding your business

Here’s Episode 3!

Productive Networking!

One of the key pillars  to conducting business as well as growing it to the next level is networking.

Now over the years the word networking has been used way to loosely.

That’s why today’s episode is Productive Networking and not simply networking.

So many people think networking is going down to the local bar for happy hour and passing out a few cards.

I think too many people try to justify socializing by calling it ‘networking’.

In this episode I talk about my proven strategies for productive networking, as well as following up with your new contacts.

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Oh and here is the ‘Scary Movie’ strong hand link:

Take some time to checkout the site, leave some feedback and subscribe to the site and youtube channel.



~ by ADETIBA on February 17, 2011.

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