Nigeria Photograph #10

As stated in an earlier post, I purchased a DSLR camera to accompany me on my trip to Nigeria.  So while in the airport I began my experimenting with the different shooting modes as well as some of the different features on my new Canon T2i.  The above photograph is of the corridor I had to walk down to get to the gate for my flight.

I departed out of Dallas around 4:30 pm and landed in Memphis TN at 6:00 pm.  My connecting flight left Memphis at 7:30 pm and arrived in Amsterdam at 11:20 am.  The original plan was for my mother and I to meet up in Amsterdam and take the connecting flight into Abuja, Nigeria together, but I was informed in Memphis that she missed her November 23rd flight and would not be ale to fly the next day, which was Thanksgiving, but instead wouldn’t leave until the 25th.

Memphis Airport

Amsterdam Airport

My Airplane

Flight from Amsterdam to Abuja

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-Adetiba ‘Super-Director’


~ by ADETIBA on December 30, 2010.

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