‘The Weight’ Blaine, MN

Well for those of you that don’t know I am in Minnesota working on a movie called The Weight. The way this all came about was through a DFW film maker’s networking event. Whilst attending some 6-7 months ago I met a fellow director by the name of Chason Laing. He was also a writer and was looking for investors to move forward with his scripts. Well we spoke once in the months between and I had every intention of calling and working with him; I got sidetracked though and misplaced his contact information. Well the day I found it and gave him a call he was excited to hear from me and told me about a script he had that he planned on shooting in about 2 weeks in Minnesota of all places! This coming just a few short days after the Cowboys crushing defeat by the Vikings. Well we setup a couple meetings and I decided I was in! So after reading the script I was brought on as Assistant Director & Unit Director.

So now here we are after a 16 hour road trip in snowy yet beautiful Minnesota. The next two days are set aside for location approval and pre-production then the shooting starts on Monday and it’s nonstop till I fly out in the 13th.

Here is a link to the movie site, we plan on updating frequently so check back often for news.


The foyer of the lovely home I’m staying in.

The bedroom I’m staying in.

The view out my window.


~ by ADETIBA on January 30, 2010.

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