Pissed off at Bill O’Reilly

So I’m watching Bill O’Reilly last night at least I think that’s how his name is spelled, and he’s bashing Obama for the press dinner I beleive he was at, where Wanda Sykes was speaking and cracking jokes. In particular she was clowing on Rush Limbaugh and how he said he hoped the economy failed, she said she hoped his kidneys fail. Everybody including Obama laughed about it, and it really was a funny joke. So here comes O’Reilly with his spin factor, saying how now that were in a time of deep economic recession and at war etc. that we shouldnt have these roasts at the expense of political figures, yada yada yada, it makes us look bad because other countries are watching blah blah blah. Why the hell was it alright for all these years, and all of a sudden we get a ‘black’ man in office and now it’ like ‘Well guys this is a bad idea, and I can’t beleive this black guy is participating in this horrible dinner…’ What do you think?

LOL now Sean Hannity is tag-teaming too!!


-Join The Mafia


~ by ADETIBA on May 13, 2009.

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