Business as usual!

So I’m back, and in the full stride of work I’ve already gotten 4+ new video shoots coming up, a potential TV show, and instructional DVD in the works, and I’m very excited to get back to work.  Now I’ve been spending most of my days trying to to get acquainted with the camera I bought before I left for Nigeria (HPX170).  From what I can see so far this camera is amazing, and I can’t wait to shoot something official with it.  Just spoke with Kemi Adetiba in NY and they video we shot in Nigeria is looking good and the editing process is well underway.  All in all my week has been a phenomenal one.  The site is gaining more and more fans with each passing day, I just ask that everybody please click the JOIN THE MAFIA link on the right side of the page, and join the mailing list.  So when we start doing E blasts no one will be left out.  Arri has a new blog up in the RELATIONSHIP section about Mamma’s Boys, it is a must read, Shae has an article up about President Obama’s progress since he’s been in office, we’ve got some new music videos in the VIDEO section as well as Don’t Jealous Me Part 7, as much more undiscovered content on the site.  So please take the time to check it out and leave lots of comments on everything you like as well as the things you dislike.  Thanks have a blessed day!  I’m about to hit the bowling alley, I wonder if Nigeria has an Olympic bowling team, ‘cuz I’m cold at this bowling ‘ish!


-Join The Mafia

~ by ADETIBA on May 8, 2009.

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