Racist, Swine Flu B.S.

Why are people so ignorant? I’m tired of turning on the radio to hear ignorant black people dissing Hispanics over this ‘Swine flu’ like they ALL have it or are the ones that manufactured it? What, cuz our president is black our shit don’t stink? Lets not do to them what’s been done to us for so many years.  Especially to my Nigerian people, they put AIDS on us, ‘African’ killer bees, the OUTBREAK monkey, and how many other countless sicknesses, and diseases on our continent.  But it hasn’t been bad enough to keep them from coming for the, slaves, the oil, the gold, the diamonds, and numerous other goods they export daily from our beautiful homeland.

  • Did you know that anyone can get it? (Not just Mexicans)
  • Did you know that you can have it, and have no symptoms? (Be a carrier)
  • Did you know that Obama shook hands with a man in Mexico, and the man died from Swine flu the next day? (Maybe Obama infected him…Felipe Solis)
  • Did you know that they think they’ve traced the origination back to a pig farm in Mexico? (Granjas Carroll de Mexicoa)
  • Did you know that it’s an American owned company? (half-owned by Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, Inc., has 72 farms in the surrounding area)

And I just learned that they canceled Cinco De Mayo in Dallas!?!? WTF, what would black people do if they canceled a Black History Month celebration, or Kwanza Fest? I feel the pain for my Hispanics, I hope they reschedule the celebration for later in the month, or push it back to next month.

‘Racism’ still alive, they just be concealing it…’ – Kanye West

On a lighter note:

Mexican Health and Sanitation Authorities have identified “Patient Zero”, the individual responsible for the widespread epidemic of the Swine Flu in Mexico . This individual should be sent to jail!


-Join The Mafia

~ by ADETIBA on April 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “Racist, Swine Flu B.S.”

  1. Well written….. Its pretty sad to see reverse racism. I just hope for the best of all us, that this outbreak doesnt get out of hand.

  2. hear hear. and for the record, they’re investigating the source as being Smithfield Farms, and American-owned hog factory farm who has exported their filthy practices to Mexico.

  3. I personally think Mexicans did start the swine flu epidemic. And if any1 says it was the pigs…they were Mexican pigs. And Pres. Obama prolly has the most high-tech medical equipment on his jet and in his bedroom, so he can easily fight it. Mexicans started it to take back their land, thats y Texas has the most cases in the country, it’s that simple.* did u know the 1st death was a Mexican toddler in Houston?* did u know that toddler had juss crossed into Brownsville?* did u know the reason Felipe Solis died is bc Pres. Obama infected him with a microscopic needle that stuck him when they shook hands?

  4. Lol….Bab-Stop! So you come back from NIgeria and the first rantings are about the Mexican Swine Flu?! All jokes aside, glad you’re back and the blog was intelligantly written. I want to try to stay on the fence on this topic so I’ll just leave it at that.

  5. And the ignorance continues, in ‘the most advanced country in the world’ what a joke! Big shout out to the American education system!

  6. Okay i am cryimg….that was the funniest thing i have read all week. But very true…good job

  7. The racist thing is just plain ignorance….we already know that. There’s no excuse for it. But as for the severity of the infection, I can not blame them for taking such drastic measures. Being in the diagnostic section of the healthcare industry, I see why there’s so much hysteria about the virus.The reason is simple. WE DO NOT KNKOW WHT THE VIRUS CAN DO! Until we know that fact, we have to take precautions as if it were severe. For the seasonal flu, we can easily diagnose it, we have treatments, we knkow the durations, we know its severity, we know the process of transformation, we know its more resistant strains etc. All these things let us know what to do in case of an outbreak. For the H1N1, we have no clue if it will mutate to a stronger form, if it can lie dormant, the charesteristics of carriers vs. infirmed etc. and what is more baffling is the targe demographic it seems to be attacking. Its not like the folu, where the severe illnesses are found mostly with children and elderly, this virus attacks healthy young adults more. At this point, the hysteria is neccessary, better safe than never, in about a month or so, we’ll be able do see more patterns and it will be easier to connect dots and make more accurate predictions which in turn will lead to better diagnosis, tratment, etc Until then, PANIC! wash your hands, don’t go kissing ever body, just be cautious. Its better to not get it at all, and later find out that its just something mild, than to get it and later find out that its something severe…..Like your primary 4 english teacher made yoou cram, "prevention is better than cure"

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