My Wife ‘back home’

So today is a hectic day for me, Im trying to finish up the blog on what happened at Auto Zone but well have to get back to that at another time.  Well back to the running around of the day….I get a call from my mom shes so excited and she says she wants to be ‘the first to break the good news’  I was like whats up mom….Im already suspicious at this point because there are long pauses between her sentences and then she’s like ‘I FOUND YOU A WIFE!!!’  I laughed histerically, I just knew she was gonna say somebody won the lotto or something.  So she starts talking about the chic and saying she can arrange a meeting etc…. If your Nigerian you know how the rest of the story goes, anywas i just had to tell the Mafia about this because I know yall would get a kick out of it I think I’ll write an article about it when I get back from Nigeria. Who knows maybe it will be Mr. & Mrs. Adetiba updating the site from now on lol. So do yall have any ARRANGED MARRIAGE horror stories?

P.S. Why does the chic in the pic look soooo sad? Maybe it’s because she just met dude like 20 min ago!

~ by ADETIBA on March 30, 2009.

14 Responses to “My Wife ‘back home’”

  1. I’m sooooooooooooo laughing at this right now. Guess you now have the basis for that horror story you’re supposed to be telling me about….lol!!!!

  2. No comment……… so you say you’re going home on business for almost 2 months………yeah, ok.

  3. go find us a pretty lady who can make a swell dish!

  4. LMAO! Like I said…I got 3 husbands waiting for me right now! and my mother says they are handsome…lol

  5. Lol. Ur mom might sound funny, but you and i know what she’s talking about. you going to Nigeria to go bring Mrs Adetiba right?? lol. that woman does look sad. (poor her)by the way what kind of business will keep you in Nigeria for almost 2 months.*sigh* lol you think you can play 419 here??????????

  6. yea man bring ur queen home to dallas..make sure she has a handsome dowry

  7. This is too cute. I’d be devastated if my parents arranged a marriage for me. Part of falling in love is going through pain and experiences to get to the person who was meant for you. Besides an arranged marriage would never work for me…I’m just too rebellious.

  8. That"s not FUNNY! thats hazardous to someones mental health.

  9. Go meet your Mrs. and make some babies. Isnt that whats expected of you now?Who know, you might not come back after that.

  10. AAAH AAAH if you go brin babes fo dallas mek am sure she no go leave house. Once your ashewo catch muluwe fo mall an she penetrate ur pocket fo visa HEY!! u finish OH… u go finish! LOL. No let her even chek fo hairdresser, keep her fo house barefoot and pounded yam and pot close by.The woman fo photo be upset oooh, u no see bobo’s ashy bata? LOL!!!!!No serious, I wish u the best. Naija girls know how to treat thier man.Sham Painhttp://www.gohardtv.com

  11. That is funny hahaha. Naija mehn!

  12. So I was talking to my mom last week and she was like I want you too meet…uhhh I mean I want you to come home after gradaution cause your relatives are missing you. RIGHT!

  13. Hun, you’re not alone…My dad called to tell me the same thing! besides that, my mom has been hooking me up with random strangers even when she was in naija! I am not a fan of arranged anything… I don’t even like blind dates… I think it’ll be better if you find your own person, develop a friendship and build mutual respect and love for each other… That being said….Ask your mom if she knows any senators sons, i need a sugar daddy, honey

  14. info. +x from s…cantina…..located in yankee parlemo. hw do we meet 4 fhd? advice….

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