Very Long Week for the Nigerian Mafia staff

Once again I have to thank all the people that have visited the site, and read the articles and watched the videos.  We are receiving good feedback from everyone, and suggestions as well.  I’d like to welcome the newest Journalist to the staff A.J. Iduwe, you guys have to check out his latest exclusive entry here under the General tab.  Big shout out to DJ Culture, who is working on the Music section as we speak, we are going to get an email address for artists and labels to send artist Bios, music, videos etc. and he will be setting up interviews shortly.  Once again the site is a work in progress, and we are adding new Journalists and features everyday!

P.S. Nigerian Mafia promo video Volume III coming very soon!

~ by ADETIBA on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Very Long Week for the Nigerian Mafia staff”

  1. hi u said 2 leave a comment so i did lol umm i dnt no what to say so just write to me on facebook x x

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