I think I’m in Love!

I don’t think you people realize how excited I am about this Squarespace business.  I have been trying for over the last 18 months to find a web designer/format I could finally launch Nigerianmafia.com on comfortably and i think I have finally found it.  This is very back end friendly, and looks to have all the features i need, and many more I never considered…….O you thought I was in love with a lovely lady….who knows maybe I am… Lol

NigerianMafia.com coming sooner than you thought!


~ by ADETIBA on March 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “I think I’m in Love!”

  1. I know you in love! haha go ahead and tell the world the truth…we want the truth!

  2. I could crack a joke. but I will leave it alone…lol. On a serious note, I’m glad that you have found yet another project that has captured your interest….congrats!!!!

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